Big Data Analytics
The Foundation for Data Innovation

Inplenion & PeakData Expand Partnership to Help Businesses Accelerate Data-Driven Decision Making in the cloud

What is big data?

Big Data is being generated at all times. Every digital process and social media exchange produces it. Systems, sensors and mobile devices transmit it. Much of this data is coming to us in an unstructured form, making it difficult to put into structured tables with rows and columns. To extract insights from this complex data, Big Data projects often rely on cutting edge analytics involving data science and machine learning. Computers running sophisticated algorithms can help enhance the veracity of information by sifting through the noise created by Big Data’s massive volume, variety, and velocity.

Volume – Scale of the data

The ability to process large amounts of data and what you do with that data.

Variety – Different forms of data

Making sense out of unstructured data by trying to capture all of the data that pertains to our decision-making process.

Velocity – Analysis of streaming data

The rate at which data arrives at the enterprise and the time that it takes the enterprise to process and understand that data.

Veracity – Uncertainty of the data

The quality or trustworthiness of the data. Tools that help handle big data’s veracity discard “noise” and transform the data into trustworthy insights.

We support organisations in their Big Data and Machine Learning projects.

To increase revenue

Allow us to maximise the value of the data you have collected already

  • What’s the probability for costumer John Doe to buy product X?
  • Who are the customers most likely to switch to a competitor by the end of the month?
  • What is the consumer sentiment for the product we sell and for our brand?

For Management

We turn raw data into information that empowers your management to make data-driven decisions

  • Learn more about your customers
  • What will the demand look like in the next 6 months?
  • Who are the customers we invest more money in than we can get out?

Inplenion goes beyond traditional analytics and bi with and joins forces with PeakData, an exclusive boutique around big data and data science

Learn how you can use Machine Learning in your organization