EPM – Financial Consolidation

Oracle’s Financial Consolidation Cloud Solution (FCCS) can address the consolidation requirements set by any company.

Inplenion’s Consolidation Solution provides a flexible out of the box group accounting, consolidation and reporting solution that can be configured to meet the exact business and reporting needs.

Our proposed solution can streamline the consolidation process and support, among others, the following:

  • All best-practice consolidation methods, Chart of account and entity agnostic structures.
  • Historical translation for equity and investments.
  • Fully automated entries to all standard consolidation tasks and comments to justify submitted figures.
  • Flat and/or step consolidation, Matrix consolidation for legal, segment and management structures.
  • Proper investment register for any holding / subsidiary connection.
  • Fully automated cash flow statement capable of group adjustment entries, fully automated equity table.

Inplenion helps you understand the necessity of financial consolidation in your organization and assists in streamlining your process.

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