A unified vision on operational
efficiency and risk management
kShuttle transcends the boundaries of business
units and hierarchies

kShuttle provides an adaptive operational efficiency and risk platform used to dynamically design and run all EPM, BI and GRC applications. Its unique collaborative paradigm that ensures consistency of data and efficiency of processes helps organizations achieve operational excellence.

Enterprise efficiency management can no longer afford to be slowed down by obsolete and siloed technologies.

You manage and report on the consolidated activity and performance of your company, using discrete tools for planning, analysis, reporting… but also many spreadsheets. The lack of integration between the various EPM, BI, GRC systems used centrally and locally in subsidiaries or divisions, creates more silos, produces inconsistencies in data, makes collaboration difficult. And you still need to get IT involved for any change.

Discover kShuttle, a single end-to-end platform for all your operational efficiency and risk management needs.

With kShuttle, your team builds, augments and consolidates any type of application for enterprise digitalization, providing end-to-end data consistency, from collection to publication.

kShuttle Solutions:

IFRS 16 Cost Analysis Forecast & Reporting Cash Management Investment Strategy Multi-Site Forecast

Back Office Quality Industrial Performance IT Project Efficiency Industrial Risk Multi-Year Investment Planning

Human Resources
Compensation and Benefits Talent Management Workforce Projection Occupational Hazards

Governance, Risk & Compliance
Legal Compliance Management Industrial Risk Management Risk Audit Corporate Social Responsibility

Existing System Augmentation
Business Objects & Data Warehouse ERP Master Data Management Hyperion Financial Management Essbase

Why kShuttle?

Isn’t it time for operational efficiency and risk management to stop being constrained
by technology?

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