EPM – Strategic Modeling

Strategic Modeling

Oracle’s Strategic Modeling provides a feature rich financial forecasting and modeling module with on-the-fly scenario analysis, simulation and modeling capabilities. It helps users quickly model and evaluate financial scenarios and offers out of the box capabilities for sophisticated debt and capital structure management. When used in combination with other Oracle Planning Cloud modules, it provides an integrated solution to set targets, perform quick financial impact analysis and present financial information for informed decisions.

Align the Enterprise

Oracle’s Enterprise Planning Cloud architecture allows users to connect and align related planning processes across the enterprise while still maintaining independence for the individual planners.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Integrate financial modeling for strategic planning, treasury, and corporate development.
  • Model with integrity and transparency to minimize risk and create efficiency.
  • Minimize model building efforts with packaged financial modeling tools.
  • Deploy and implement quickly with minimal IT support.
  • It is an analyst tool, therefore, no technical knowledge is needed. Menu options and functions are easy to use and self explanatory.

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