OneStream IFRS Starter Kit for Consolidation

Inplenion OneStream Starter KIT

Main IOSK features

The core of the Inplenion offer is the Inplenion OneStream Starter KIT – IOSK, which based on two main pillars:

1. Consolidation model: A pre-built set of consolidation rules and sample dimensions to cover most of the consolidation needs.
2. App framework and reporting: A series of application objects to provide a ready-to- customized user-friendly application. Those objects are Cube Views (for data input and analysis), special Dashboards, Data Management procedures to speed up recurrent administration processes.

The IOSK consolidation model has been built as an improvement of the existing Inplenion Oracle HFM Starter KIT (HFMSK), which has proved to be totally reliable and successful among several clients for 15 years. The IOSK has successfully replaced and improved the HFM existing instance, where implemented.

1. Automated consolidation bookings based on an Investment Register for Fully consolidated and AtEquity subsidiaries.
2. Translation override for special items, with historical rates directly coming from the register or with the ability to override standard rates. Easily auditable CTA.
3. Matrix Segment reporting enabling to get the segment(s) reporting directly from the main consolidation structure, without any need to maintain and consolidate different hierarchies.
4. IFRS ready: Can also adapt to multi GAAP
5. Full dynamicity for Budget/Forecasts and Simulation scenarios (FX /perimeter)
6. Strong auditability with the “Origin” dimension and the “Audit table” storing all consolidation bookings.
7. Additional developed add-ins for closing and reporting, like Online IC matching, Blended reporting (e.g. direct drill down to clients/invoices/projects), etc.

As one of the very few OneStream Consulting organizations in EMEA we have developed a Starter Kit based on many years use of one developed for the Oracle world and implemented by 80+ customers. So far, we have done 3 projects with IOSK in the OneStream world.