Inplenion Risk Manager

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Effectively monitor your clients’ credit risk ratings! By combining both internal customer data and external information, from D&B and others, you will have actionable intelligent information with which to better manage your clients.

Inplenion Risk Manager is Corporate Credit Risk Management

The Inplenion Risk Manager (IRM) is a ‘risk management system’ that combines and presents internal customer data with relevant external corporate information. On one screen you receive the risk assessment of your clients taking into account all relevant information.

Essential details for your daily operations as well as complete credit reports (risk indicators, credit recommendations, corporate structures, account numbers, country risks, industry sector analysis, etc.), combined with internal information (payment history, outstanding debts, revenues, DSO, customer-/supplier-categories, etc.) are automatically prepared by the IRM and attractively presented within an interactive dash-board.

By the various combinations of internal and external corporate information, previously unrecognized, otherwise unseen risks and trends are uncovered. As ‘these’ information are constantly updated you are able to react in-stantly and proactively to changes within your customer/supplier base, and take specific measures. Automated alarms will support you. You can follow the suggestions or apply your own credit policy/business rules.

Can you answer these questions with the click of a button?

  • Has the creditworthiness or risk assessment of my most important business partners recently changed?
  • What potential customers and suppliers operate in the same market and at what risk classification?
  • Which sales managers serve customers with the worst payment performance?
  • Do I have contracts for which most customers are at high risk?
  • Is there a build-up of risk in certain products of my portfolio?
  • How has payment behavior deteriorated in certain sales regions?

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