Plan your Success

and follow your plan.

The ‘Governance Business Monitor’ is the ideal solution to develop, implement, and monitor your company’s strategies to achieve business excellence!

The Inplenion Business Governance Monitor offers three aligned modules to develop and implement corporate strategies and to ascertain that the relevant strategies are successfully executed.

Strategy Builder

By the use of the ‘Strategy Builder’ you will be able to develop your strategies effectively – in no time. It provides a platform that a) nicely displays your key performance indicators in a structured way and b) unravels contradictions and gaps which otherwise could hamper your performance monitoring. In addition, the module includes business process templates to support the rapid and targeted development of comprehensive strategies and to simulate their effects.

Strategy Implementer

Inplenion’s Strategy Implementer system supports the deployment and execution of your strategies throughout all levels of your business. The process constantly monitors the strategy’s on-going status and alerts to challenges so they can be instantly addressed and problems mitigated. This is accomplished through specific business process templates to ensure that effort is delivered at the right time, by the right people, and in the quality required. Inplenion’s Strategy Implementer is an information and communication system as well as a controlling instrument.

Strategy Booster

Corporate and business strategies are executed every day. To support these processes, the ‘Strategy Business Booster’ provides a management dashboard to control the progress of the strategy execution as well as a catalogue with process templates to guarantee successful ‘project’ collaboration. Of course, you can easily create, integrate and execute your own business processes too. All this functionality without ever losing sight of the strategy’s progress or the ability to take corrective action.

The Strategy Business Booster additionally includes a BPM Solution as well as an integration platform. This integration platform supports the integration of existing technology systems, the use of the latest technology systems, and the communication among technology systems for process execution. Thus human-centric and system related processes are in perfect orchestra so that business activities are executed faster, more reliably, and at a near perfect rate of success. Thus your company becomes more agile and innovative and achieves the ability to respond faster to unforeseen challenges and opportunities. Your company thus gains a crucial and sustained competitive advantage in the market.

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