Adding structure and insight in credit analysis

Hyperion Strategic Finance brings credit analysis into an advanced modeling environment. Eliminate the confusion and inefficiency surrounding traditional modeling approaches. Gather valuable business insights from the combined model set data.

Hyperion Strategic Finance (HSF) is a business analyst’s tool for banking credit analysis. Leading financial institutions around the world enjoy greater understanding and control of their loan originations and on-going due-diligence analyses by using HSF. The solution brings the financial modeling aspect into a formalized systems environment and out of what is traditionally an Excel-based environment.

Highlighted Benefits

  • Centralized repository for client models and version control
  • Consistent approach to calculations of ratios and covenants across business models
  • Easy systems tools for updating calculations, reports, and structures across business models
  • Monte Carlo, statistical analysis of key value driver impacts on covenants
  • Ratio and financial results from individual models are stored and further analyzed in a central, analytic database for additional insights

The results of using HSF are impressive

By using a systems approach in financial credit analysis, you increase model integrity, limiting “model risk”, and develop a holistic view of the business models’ results, thus giving you a better idea of critical performance trends in industries and markets.

Better Use of Available Data

This last point is especially exciting. It goes to the idea of “data mining” and puts data to use that only your institution might have. Data mining, properly executed, builds a competitive advantage for your financial institution by learning what your combined dataset says about the lending landscape in which you operate.

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