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Presto Strategic Finance for Banks

Pre-built solution for business planning, stress testing, performance evaluation, and capital adequacy monitoring. Presto built on Oracle PBCS, follows banking industry standards and best practices to assess the financial statements and banking drivers, macro assumptions, KPIs, covering actual vs. Bdg-Forecast, CAPEX planning, What-if scenarios & stress testing.

  • Real time calculation and consolidation of the models
  • Scalability (adding new entities)
  • Advantage of centralized data storage and decentralized data access
  • Security rules for user access
  • Mobile access
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Sharing data, comments and attachments throughout the organization
  • What-if analysis

Presto Planning for Real Estate

Built on top of Oracle PBCS, the market leading tool in enterprise planning and budgeting,Inplenion Real Estate Planning CS utilizes the multi-dimensional database capabilities of Oracle Essbase and its powerful calculation engine to calculate a rich set of KPIs, carry out sensitivity analysis in different what-if scenarios, ad-hoc analysis, slicing and dicing, drill through, provide driver based planning options and extracting trends from historical data.

  • Covers real estate projects full span
  • Managing wide range of real estate projects: residential, commercial, administrative, …
  • Breaking down projects into stages, phases, units, …
  • Various project financing options
  • Detailed project cash flow statement based on project defined elements
  • Variable cash flow periods
  • Comprehensive project dashboards
  • Flexible project approvals process

Presto for Hospital Analytics

Inplenion Hospital Analytics uses a consistent set of matrices on the past and present data to measure performance and drive the business planning. Our Analytics is more of reporting, querying, OLAP and alerts, It answers what happened in the past, in what numbers, the frequency of occurrence, location of the problem, and makes it easier to deduce what corrective actions are needed.

  • Competitive Advantage – It is very important to take good decisions in all scenarios, for well-being of organization. Effective decisions taken have direct impact on the revenues, profitability, productivity and performance of employees.
  • Business Management through Benchmarking – Employees are a critical part of business success. Business Intelligence will also help in performance improvement and to enhance relationship with associates.
  • Optimization of processes – such as operations, research, HR, distribution and finance functions by providing effective reports. In short Business Intelligence has enterprise wide applications in all departments.

Presto for School Analytics

Inplenion School Analytics is a ready to use solution enabling sound decision making in educational institutions through providing meaningful analytics and insights for decision makers at all levels including senior management, and educational and administrative managers. The solution leverages Inplenion deep expertise in the educational sector to deliver industry standard analytics while utilizing existing IT investments.

  • Single point of truth: With a holistic view of the educational institution, the solution covers wide spectrum of analysis such as academic, financial, branches, staff, and students.
  • Leverage industry practices: The solution provides a starting point of dashboards and Key performance indicators (KPIs) that are based on standard industry practices.
  • Utilize current investment: Inplenion school analytics leverage your existing investments in IT systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) by converting the collected data into useful insights.
  • Ready and easy to adopt: The solution comes with pre-defined analytics and dashboards, which means shorter time to adopt and minimized implementation effort and risk.

Available with various Fixed Scopes allowing very fast Deployment.

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