k-IFRS 16
A simple solution to solve a complex issue

Inplenion & Shuttle Expand Partnership to insure companies mastering IFRS 16 evolution.

Accounting and potential business impacts relating to this standard.

IFRS 16 Leases is applicable to lessees and lessors for years commencing on, or after, 1 January 2019. IFRS 16 requires companies to consider lease contracts of significant value and of a duration greater than 12 months, as if they were acquisitions for which the underlying asset’s value and corresponding debt needs to be evaluated. Companies will have to choose rates, probable asset utilization duration, impairment tests, and consider carefully the sub-lease and lease-back cases. Information thereby collected need to be traceable and auditable, and will have to be certified by auditors.

k-IFRS 16 from kShuttle is a simple solution that strengthens a business-oriented approach.

Putting IFRS 16 into practice requires solid business foundations

  • A clear normative framework to apply within the group
  • Processes adapted to the diversity of situations in the subsidiaries
  • The collaborative capacity both within a company and between the group and their subsidiaries
  • A comprehensive lease portfolio centralized into a single repository
  • Simulations in order to anticipate the impact of the possible options
  • Adaptable dashboards and reports destined to management and auditors
  • Appropriate solutions easy to integrate in your existing IS

k-IFRS 16 includes features that will strongly facilitate the success of your project

  • Create collaborative communities within the application and build a constructive dialogue: • between Corporate and subsidiaries • within each company, between the departments implicated in the process • between the auditors and the group
  • Add qualitative information and comment any dashboard… at any level of the process
  • Compare the impact of scenarios in parallel, and make informed decisions
  • Work in a group using an end to end solution, without breaking the digital chain, enabling you to measure and anticipate the impacts of a decision, in real-time, at any level of the hierarchy

How to insure a successful IFRS 16 rules management


Group Criteria Rates and index Regulatory framework Subsidiaries information Data entry management Access rights and user profiles


Rental expense accounts Other assets

Data Entry

Lease contract data entry


Summary Simulation 1st application Restitution of impacts Scenario management Contracts by scenarios Comprative analysis


Import of contracts Impact on the financial statements and export to CONSO / ERP tools

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